The Secret of Light

the secret of light

YouTube link: The Secret of Light-The Cosmology of Walter Russell

These opposed movements simulate light by their spiral electrical wave motions. Light is still and does not move (Still Magnetic Light). What we sense as light and are accustomed to calling light are the electrical motions in our nervous system which register the electrical  wave vibrations simulating the eternal idea of light in it’s transitory and temporal form as it appears and disappears from one condition to the next, in our physical Universe. 

YouTube link: Light-torsion waves, birkeland currents and twin opposing vortices

We can only “sense” a limited part of  the “radiation” half of the process which appears as light and the dark space around it, which we call radiation and vacuity, respectively. Our senses do not perceive even a part of the so-called  vacuous half of the process of vortex implosion and the  rhythmic balanced interchange between incandescent Suns and cold dark Space as they teeter on the fulcrums of  Still Magnetic Light from which they issue. Modern humans have been “trained” (indoctrinated) to see the “appearance” of things using our “Senses” and not their causes, using our “Minds“. Therefore, this process goes mostly unnoticed by the vast majority of people. 

“That light travels, energy is transmitted, electricity is conducted or inducted and that heat radiates from its source to other localities, are principles which modern science accepts as fundamental facts. These great misconceptions gave rise to the theory that the ether is a quivering, elastic solid existing in space along the undulating waves of which light, heat and all forms of energy can travel from one place to another. It is hereby conceded that all motion is expressed in waves, but those waves are not undulating. 

Energy cannot travel along waves, because entire waves do not form in sequence. In other words, one whole wave is not completed before another one begins. Waves are but effects which evolve as their cause evolves. Waves reproduce themselves part for part in sequence throughout the Universe. Energy, therefore, cannot travel along waves which are not undulating, but are reproducing themselves part for part. It cannot leap across waves which are lacking in troughs and crests. Light does not travel. It reproduces itself. The light and heat which  appear to come from the Star or the Sun, has never left the Star or the Sun. That which Man sees as light and feels as heat is the reproduced counterpart of the light and heat which is its cause. The cause remains in the restricted area of the state of motion where it began its existence as an appearance (an oscillating photon), until it expands into disappearance”.  (The Universal One, Pg. 30)

The direction of the photon, its vector, described by the three coordinates, x, y, and z in extension space, is dependent upon the laws of probability, the orientation of its source in extension space, and any intervening objects in its path. But the motion of the photon itself, is completely determined, or driven we might say, by displacements, or the lack thereof, in its three scalar dimensions. (Scalar Mechanics)

“Waves are not undulations such as those produced by shaking a rope up and down. They are actions and reactions beginning at and growing from harmonic points of impact upon the inertial plane of the wave. Nor are waves the continuations of motion beginning at one source and transferred in sequence.  Waves are simultaneously generated from inertia at intervals which are sequential and in dimensions which are opposed and sequential. 

…The purpose of the wave is to transfer states of motion from one potential to another. This is nature’s method of accumulating the energy constant from low potential to high potential, octave by octave, in a series of progressive steps until the maximum motion has been reached. 

…Each wave is, therefore, built up simultaneously in sequential stages in sequential preponderance of opposite dimensions. Waves are not those parts which are either wholly above or wholly below their axes. One wave of any dimension is that portion of the sequence which is bounded by the turning point of one crest and the next trough. The inertial plane of the wave coincides with the line of axis of the wave. A wave begins at the inertial plane and extends in both directions from the inertial plane to its to its repeative point at trough and crest.

YouTube link: The Holographic Universe and the many illusions of our Senses


The popular concept that light travels along undulating waves is not in conformity with the laws of motion. Waves are constructed in sequential stages until they meet at their overtone positions in troughs and crests. No state of motion travels beyond the boundaries of its own wave mass. It is reproduced by union with its opposite effect at every inertial plane which divides  in motion in the Universe of dimension. Neither is the wave in one plane. 

The wave is spiral. The wave is not simply a curved line. The line of the wave is the moving vortex line of the maximum high pressure of the opposed cones of the wave. The axis of the wave is in the inertial plane of birth of the wave. A wave is not a single unit. It is a series of two opposed units. A wave is not simply a line. A wave is mass in opposition. The wave is a series of two opposed volumes, the form of which are cones. The moving line of the wave is a spiral record of the variable instability of motion. 

…A mass is an effect of resistance to the formation of wave series. …The dimensions of a mass are the dimensions of resistance exerted against the formation of the wave. …The duration of the wave is the interval during which motion can be continued in the wave. No matter whether the duration of a wave is one ten-thousandth of a second or ten thousand billion years, every stage of its evolution is exactly the same. Its volume must be transferred to mass in whirling spheres which, in turn, are dissipated into plane. (The Universal One, Pgs.180-4)