The Structure of Atoms and the String Theory Fraud

Magnified Tungsten needle tip photo versus the Fractal Iteration  zn+1 = zn2 modulus n

There is absolutely no reason for academic eggheads to create a different form of physics for the Atom (strong and weak nuclear forces) than the physics for Star Systems and their Corporeal Worlds. The two are identical. Because the atom is not made of parts, no nuclear “glue” is necessary to hold together the repulsion of the theorized “like positive charges” (protons) said to be huddled together in a nucleus, like a bunch of small bearings, usually with their theoretical cousins, called neutrons by academia, close at their side.  

Vortex Rings

Science says protons are positively charged
and tightly clustered in the nucleus, but like-
charges would strongly repel in such close
proximity. Why doesn’t the nucleus fly apart?

 This mystery has no true answer in today’s science.
Scientists used to scratch their heads over this issue decades
ago — until they simply decided the answer must be that some
type of mysterious attracting force must appear for some
unexplained reason between protons when they are very close,
counteracting their mutual repulsion. This mysterious new
attracting force is called the Strong Nuclear Force, and is now
taught as one of the four fundamental forces of nature in today’s
science. Yet, this is clearly just bad science — a closer look
shows many serious flaws with this entire picture.

 Fractal  Vortices 

First, consider the endless repelling electric charge force that
tirelessly pushes the positively charged protons apart. Where is
the power source behind this endless repulsion, and how can it
be that this mysterious power source is never drained or even
diminished in the slightest? Benjamin Franklin invented this
Electric Charge Theory to explain why charged objects repel or
cling to each other, but his theory overlooked the fact that this
concept violates our most basic laws of physics. Objects or
particles should not be able to endlessly attract or repel each
other, and without even a power source in sight. This is the
first problem with positively charged protons in the nucleus, and
also with the concept of negatively charged electrons held in
orbit about the nucleus by an endless unknown power source. 

Secondly, this clearly flawed concept in our science legacy was
merely glossed over and patched with yet another scientifically
unexplained force — the Strong Nuclear Force. Now we have
two scientifically unexplained forces behind the stability of the
atom (the Electromagnetic Force between charged particles
and the Strong Nuclear Force), both acting endlessly and with
no known power source.
   (Mark McCutcheon)

    Twin opposing Vortices

The Atom is made twin opposing electrical spiral vortex waves which issue forth from and return to neutral centers of “Still Magnetic Light” respectively, thereby animating the ideas of the Great Creative Spirit (The One) from infinite points and planes of stillness, into the electrical motions of a physical Universe (The infinite ones). The so-called  “nuclear glue” that holds the Atom together is the returning  electrical implosion side of this process which is the inward thrusting elastic force. Since the currents are returning to the centers of stillness, it is actually wrong to say “glue”. The return is a an elastic reaction to it’s extension and is due to it’s reflection thrusting back spirally from the wave-field boundaries of absolute stillness  to its motionless center of “still magnetic light”. This subject has been framed the opposite of it’s reality.  Theorists grope to explain how matter “sticks together” under these erroneous conditions, when they should be concentrating on explaining how it stays apart. Atomic, Solar and Galactic implosion are the “antagonists” to expansion and this is what gives them a corporeal form.

Vortex Ring Mathematics

YouTube link: Vortex Rings and Conical Motions

The separation between Atoms is due to the unwinding electrical vortices as they push against (repulsion) the wave-fields of the Atoms next to them. These wave-fields are spherical more or less as they prolate and oblate gyroscopically from their centers, but they arecompressed into rings and spheres by the varying cubic forms  of the other Atoms near them, resisting their “expansion” via repulsion and compression. The spherical Atomic centers are non compressible, but the wave-fields (the area of electrons shells according to the popular academic myth)  surrounding them are. The spheres and rings of the elements are compressed and expanded as they gyroscopically prolate and oblate in their wave-fields. 

Vortex Ring Oxygen Atom

The Case Against the Nuclear Atom

YouTube link: The absolute academic idiocy of the nuclear atom theory


“Cesium, for example, loses nearly two thirds of its original volume under 100,000 atmospheres, potassium more than half. Most substances are much less compressible than these alkali metals, but if sufficient pressure is applied they behave similarly. Metals such as iron, copper, zinc, silver, cadmium, and tin have been reduced to the neighborhood of half their original volumes by pressures around 3 to 4 million atmospheres, and there is no indication that we are approaching any kind of a limit even at the extreme upper end of the experimental pressure range.

Vortex Ring Hydrogen Atom 

Atoms can be expected to have size and shape. Atoms with more mass should have larger size. An iron atom with 56 atomic mass units (a.m.u.) should be larger than a potassium atom of 39 a.m.u. But according to the nuclear model, the iron atom is smaller (7.1 ml/mole for iron versus 45.3 for potassium)….

Walter Russell – The Imploding Sphere in a Cube

YouTube link: Conical Motions in a Cubic Wave-field

YouTube link: Conical Motions between Wave-fields

 Both graphite and diamond are made of carbon atoms. In diamond, the centers of the carbon atoms are separated by about 1.54 Angstroms in all three dimensions but in graphite, one of the dimensions changes to 3.4 Angstroms. The nuclear model thus implies that carbon atoms come in assorted sizes and shapes. But experience shows that for a given mass, all the atoms of a chemical element are identical. The variability is really “between atoms”, instead of “within atoms”, and can be altered by external influences like pressure and temperature”.

                 Atomic Vortices               Atomic Magnetic Vortices

This observed compressibility pattern is very difficult to reconcile with current atomic concepts. It is completely at odds with Bohr’s original ideas. The sizes of the (electron) orbits in the Bohr atom are fixed by quantum considerations and ‘no intermediate orbits are permitted’. But if the atoms are in contact (cleavage planes of still magnetic light), as assumed, then the contraction under pressure means that the orbits (at least the outer electron orbits, if there are several) are assuming a continuous succession of (intermediate) values. This is a direct contradiction of the basic postulates of the (quantum) theory”.

  Twin Opposing Vortices Standing Waves = Fractal Matrix

We may decrease the distance between Atoms under high compression-pressure, which undermines the flawed academic idea of electron shells and consequently disproves the idea of orbiting electrons, which means that the Rutherford-Bohr Atom is kaput. The proven compressibility of matter as stated above, is sufficient to destroy the foundations of the academic nuclear model of the atom by itself, by proving that there are no electron shells as fantasized by academia. When we add to it, the repulsion of protons and the explanation of a mechanism for the energy absorption and radiation due to electron jumps between the orbital shells, (which do not even exist) we can see quite clearly that the nuclear theory of the atom has nothing in common with the real atoms which compose our Universe and therefore it solely represents a model of  the twisted musings of mathematical eggheads. Academics would rather look at numbers for solutions than the real world, when the “solution” is to be clearly and easily seen in the powerful vortices of nature’s design, whose movements  are extensions from the very foundational motions of the atoms which are comprising them. 

Sympathetic Streams entering and exiting Cubic Wave-fields

YouTube link: Vortices, Vortex Rings and so-called Particles

Gyroscopic Planes of twin opposing E.M. Vortices

“My major aim in this was to find facts which would guarantee as much as possible the existence of atoms of definite finite size” (albert einstein).  Oopsidaisey, you got it wrong again al! 

Sympathetic Vortex streams between Cobalt Atoms

Walt Disney produced an animation in 1959 called “Our Friend the Atom“. I was brainwashed with this film while attending Granada High School in Livermore, during the seventies, in my physics class, as were millions of kids around the globe. I invite everyone to buy a copy of this animation to see just how screwed up the academic story is in relationship to reality. You will either laugh hysterically or cry out loud as the “Atomic Genie” (the jinn of arabian myths) of their analogy pushes the nuclear fraud racket on the simple minded public, starting fifty years ago, with promises of a healthy radioactive future for one and all. True to their nature, academicians insist that its central tenants are still valid, even though only an intellectually deficient retard would accept this nonsense. What a joke. This animation is provably false in so many ways I can not comment on it in its entirety here. Have a watch and educate yourself about the power of social engineering via cartoons!

The Disney DVD reproduction I linked to above which contains the segment called “Our Friend the Atom”, Tomorrowland: Disney in Space and Beyond (1959) , is very revealing in  relationship to what was taught before the sixties and what has been taught since then. One of the segments reveals that Disney and his scientists who produced these animation, believed in an “infinite Universe”, with no mention of a “big bang” and its limit to the size of the Universe, which the eggheads have falsely imposed upon us since the 60’s, for corporate profits and control. 

Atomic Sphere Packing and the Geometry of Matter

Disney’s assumption of a single, infinite Universe is in major defiance to the doomed, big bang/gravitational model being taught in schools currently. Abundance, eternity and infinity were all considered foundational for Walt and his team of  scientists, which is the exact opposite of what is being taught nowadays. This was an age of eternal hope and endless possibilities which Disney enjoyed, even though neither he nor his team of scientists actually understood what they were producing was in fact fundamentally wrong and rigged due to the false sources of information from academia which they referenced in their animations. Or, maybe they did know and fed us this lie intentionally, much of the evidence points in this direction. Disney had utopian dreams which he felt advances in science could produce. Unfortunately he was a visionary and a dreamer not an intellectual erudite and he was deceived by the so-called authorities of his time, but nowhere as bad as the average student is today with quantum quackery and string theory insanity. At least he understood eternity, infinity and abundance without limit.

A point to be brought up now is that Disney was a 33rd degree Mason and there is proof of all sorts of subliminal sexuality hidden in many of the animations which Disney produced while he was still alive. Academic lies in the form of socially engineered cartoon presentations, were the perfect manner of mind control for the indoctrinated masses. They were so simple and “entertaining”, that even this dumbest kid in class could get it. 

Atomic Sphere Packing , Vesica Piscii “light lenses” and Cubic Wavefields

In the Tomorrow Land Series mentioned above, the narrator leonard maltin interviews Ray Bradbury (on disc 2). Ray reveals the fact that Disney paid $100,000.00 at the time of construction to place a spire, an exact copy from Notre Dame (a gift to Isis- the great dame) on the top of the disney castle, in anneheim, which Bradbury had noticed on top of the Palace of Justice, while in france. This would equal several million dollars in today’s federal reserve, “deflated currency”.  mr. maltin is a absolutely oblivious to the fact that this is a sign left for all “free masons” from around the globe, telling them that Disney was a part of their network and one of it’s leaders. He mentions nothing about the profound implications of this extremely important masonic symbol being placed there, creating the “Castle of Isis” in it’s very meaning.

Bradbury goes on to suggest that disney did this, just because “he loved it” (with no rational reason for this costly and very symbolic extravagance). Therefore, Bradbury concludes, ” that’s why I love walt disney. It costs a hundred thousand dollars to build a spire you didn’t need” (he did need it, it was a symbol with exact intent for masonry world wide).” The secret of disney, is doing things you don’t need and doing them well and then you realize, you needed them all along”. Sounds like freaking mind control to me! I’d much rather do the things I want to do well and avoid the things I didn’t need to do, so that I didn’t waste my time on things I never needed to do in the first place. Make sense?

Disney has always been a part of the social engineering of humanity and it has sunken to the depths of hell with michael eisner running this mind control apparatus. He is the homosexual, jewish president of disney and he supports an agenda, promoting homosexuality to impressionable, clueless kids using subliminal images of sex. They don’t even know, that they are being brainwashed and neither do most of their parents, because they are brainwashed lemmings thanks to the disney mind control programs they viewed in their youth along with the religious indoctrination and media/academic vectors of mind control they received, so they are mostly clueless as well. 

Vortex Crystals and Atomic Structures

YouTube link:  Debunking Al’s curved space-time lunacy

einstein sure was a charming old guy and his humanitarian philosophy seems fair and sincere at times. He even refused to be the zionist president of israel, when it was offered to him, which was a heroic decision on his part and should be the main cause of his fame. The more I read about him from non-academic sources, the more I believe that we have a very distorted view of what he was really saying with his work. The curved space idea was a good intuition, unfortunately his conception of its dynamics was wrong with “heavenly bodies bending the flat theoretical grid like ‘field’ of gravity” and he relied upon some of the provably false foundational academic ideas of previous theories to construct his own failed theories of relativity. This two dimensional grid used in academic explanations to demonstrate gravity between heavenly bodies is a fraud to the core and utterly ridiculous. Gravity is not a two dimensional plane which gets warped by astronomical objects. To even entertain this idea is to be comatose to reality.

The fact that academic physics proceeded down the delusional path of quantum insanity which einstein protested against till the end of his days and then “academic heroes” like, Richard Feynman and Freeman Dyson married his dysfunctional theories to it (quantum/relativity) even though einstein rejected it to its core, speaks a lot about the queer extremes that these desperate scholastic nerds are willing to go to, in order to obscure the truth, so as to protect and preserve their status and elevate themselves into positions as “authorities” in the twisted system of academic mind control which dominates our planet at this time. 

It’s easy to see how this academic game is played, it merely requires that the ideas become more and more nebulous (similar and improvable) and require a much deeper and more circuitous trip through the labyrinth of false assumptions, fudged mathematics and absurd ideas. This dead end path, mentally exhausts the majority of people very quickly, so that very few will question it when faced with the insurmountable, megalithic stamp of approval afforded it by our well greased and well paid for, so-called “prestigious scholastic authorities”. 

YouTube link: What’s Wrong with Modern Physics?

String theory is at the modern academic pinnacle of this nefarious type of academic groping and has been the chosen academic direction of dumbing down diversion, since the 1970’s. It is so extremely nebulous it can “account for everything” yet explains nothing. It can never be confirmed, nor disproved, due to the fact that there are at least 10 to the 500th versions of the so-called string theory. Therefore, it is the perfect field chosen by the money men (societal engineers and energy barons)  who fund this research to send physics to its death, so that mankind may never know the physics of free energy and the profits will continue to flow like stolen honey into their coffers. This has afforded them, three more decades since its inception, of absolute financial domination for their corporate controlled energy racket, which has brought them untold false profits at the expense of every living creature on this planet.

String Theory holds that every particle:

photon, electron, quark, proton, etc., is really a vibrating string according to the idiotic academic account. However, String Theory also holds that every string is in turn made of points. This is a circular argument. Show me a one dimensional string or a two dimensional gravity field. You can’t because they do not exist, end of story! 

YouTube link: “Strings” have morphed into “branes” now and are as large as a Universe

at 0:57 “String Theory has now gotten much more baroque. Now there are not only ‘strings’ there are ‘membranes’. People go on calling it ‘string theory’, but the string theorists are not really sure it is a theory of ‘strings’ anymore”. (This pretty much says it all regarding, the insane idiocy of academia!)

String Theory shysters who have sold their souls for 15 minutes of fame at the expense of all of humanity. The life of slavery to false physics is dominated by this group of shills.

To quote a “string theorist”, Dr. Lee Smolin: “So we face a paradox. Those string theories we know how to study are known to be wrong. Those we cannot study are thought to exist in such vast numbers that no conceivable experiment could ever disagree with all of them. These are not the only problems. String theory rests on several key conjectures, for which there is some evidence, but no proof. Even worse, after all of the scientific labor extended in this study, we still do not know whether there is a complete and coherent theory that can even go by the name of ‘sting theory.’  What we have in fact is not a theory at all, but a large collection of approximate calculations, together with a web of conjectures that, if true, point to the existence of a theory. But that theory has never been written down. We don’t know what its fundamental principles are. We don’t know the mathematical language it should  be expressed in… Lacking both fundamental principles and mathematical formulation, we cannot even know what string theory asserts”. (The Trouble with Physics, pgs. xiv-xv)

Escher’s “Spirals” 1958 

The hair-brained idiocy of academia’s “beloved” string theory

The string theory fraud with its infinite dimensions and infinite versions, has been the academic choice of mind control at the highest levels of academia for the past few decades and this assertion is easily provable when one follows the money trail and the process of academic selection  and tenure for its so-called  “authorities”.  For example:

“The aggressive promotion of string theory has led to it becoming the primary avenue for exploring the big questions of physics.  Nearly every particle theorist with a permanent position at the prestigious institute for advanced study, including the director, is a string theorist; the exception is a person hired decades ago. The same is true for the kavli institute for theoretical physics. Eight of the nine MacArthur Fellowships awarded to the particle physicists since the beginning of the program in 1981 have also gone to string theorists. And in the country’s top physics departments (berkeley, caltech, harvard, m. i. t., princeton and stanford), twenty out of the twenty two tenured professors in particle physics who received phds after 1981 made their reputation in string theory or related approaches. String theory now has such a dominant position in the academy that it is practically career suicide for young theoretical physicists to not join the field… I am extremely concerned about a trend in which only one direction of research is well supported while other promising approaches are starved. It is a trend with tragic consequences if, as I will argue, the truth lies in a direction that requires a radical rethinking of our basic ideas about space, time and the (so-called ) quantum world”. (The Trouble with Physics, pg. xx-xxiii

Spiral Periodical Table


According to Daniel Friedan, a once leading proponent of string theory, at the university of chicago’s enrico fermi institute: “String theory failed as a theory of physics because of the existence of a manifold of possible background of space-times… The long standing crisis of string theory is its complete failure to explain or predict any large distance physics. String theory can not say anything definite about large distance physics. String theory is incapable of determining  the dimension, geometry, particle spectrum and coupling constants of macroscopic space-time. String theory cannot give any definite explanations of existing knowledge of the real world and cannot be evaluated, much less established. String theory has no credibility as a candidate theory of physics.”  (The Trouble with Physics, pg. 194

The Electro-Chemistry of Walter Russell’s Spiraling Periodical Table

 It is quite easy to see how this academic mess is managed when one understands the enormous profits which are at stake in the energy racket and the exaggerated means by which those who receive those profits are willing to go in order to insure those profits continue to flow endlessly into their gluttonous  bank accounts. The 911 “inside job” used as an excuse  for the illegal Iraq, “Oil War”,  prove this assertion immediately. Everyone knows bush planned this abominable war from the very first week he illegally took the office of the pResident in a well orchestrated coup. He sought every excuse possible to invade Iraq, for his oil shyster donors. 

Thinking outside of Square-ville

The energy barons fund the absurd models “taught” by academia and starve the real dissenting physics of eternal abundance or anything which remotely relates to free energy technologies, which will free mankind from his endlessly wasted toil. This insures a system of slavery will be enjoyed by our societal engineers as long as possible, so that they may continue their “divine right to rule” as yhwh’s chosen elect.

The claim that the (so-called) nucleus is not made of parts requires some clarification. Atoms can be broken up into (so-called) protons, neutrons and electrons (of academic classification). Therefore, scientists reason that these are “parts” of the atom. But if I took a sledge hammer and smashed a color TV set all to pieces, have I revealed the actual “parts” which a manufacturer assembles to make a TV set, or have I shown merely how a TV set disintegrates? The “atom smashing” experiments only show how the atom breaks up, not how it is put together… (The multitude of “sub nuclear particles” derived from atom smashing are no doubt similar to the many eddies, ripples and waves one would obtain by destroying a water whirlpool with a bullet.)