Vortex Basics

Vortex Basics  and Fractals from the Subatomic to the Super Galactic

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The New Physics of Bio-mimicry

This a visual tour with accompanying links to the evidence

of the Vortex nature of our Curved Electric Universe. This version

has been stripped down for easier assimilation for those new to these subjects.

It is best to scroll through this page rapidly a few  times so that you get

the feel of where it is going. Then start reading the pages from the link on each picture,

starting from the beginning.

Advanced  Explanation

The holistic,  integrated view of our present predicament

 This is the evidence  describing the Vortex nature of our curved and divided, Electric Universe of  appearances, from the so-called “sub-atomic” to the super-galactic, as opposed  to the four dimensional, curved space and  time of einstein’s  imagination. This site details the cause of our Universe of appearances due  to the optical nature of gravity controlled light, which pushes and pulls electricity and its resultant magnetism into  vortices of expansion or compression, thereby creating all of the various  conditions of matter and energy witnessed by mankind through our limited senses and technical instruments.  

The history of suppression of knowledge and inventions by the  global elite and the mechanisms and machinations by which they operate in plain  view, without being noticed by the populous at large, will be thoroughly  addressed in the many links found upon this page as well as links to the many  recent findings which validate this Cosmology of Light.

I have woven together many  disparate theories found in the links from this web page, which interface with  one another in their central tenets, relating to vortices. The various theorists are describing  similar perceptions of the mechanics of our Universe according to different  terms at times and from different levels of observation at others. The point of  my work here is to show via the latest discoveries, the similarity of all these alternative and dissenting theories which are diametrically opposed  to the physics as taught by corporate academia. 

These theories have born  technologies, which will free us from the present pyramidal systems of control  administered by the global elite, central bankers, energy barons, and war mongers. When the people of this planet finally  understand this dissenting science, they will demand the immediate release and  production of all free energy machines for the benefit of mankind as a  whole.

YouTube link: The Electric Universe, 4 Parts

YouTube link: The History of our Electric Universe, 7 Parts

YouTube link: Electric Universe Predictions

YouTube link:  A revealing critique of the false academic Cosmology

YouTube link: Plasma Cosmology Fundamentals

YouTube link: Tesla’s Free Energy Technology

YouTube link: Schauberger’s Free Energy Technology, Callum Coats

    Twin opposing  Vortices

Standing Waves Modeled in Atomic  Vortices


Vortex Rings

Vortex  Ring Formation

Vortex Ring  Mathematics

YouTube link: Vortex Rings and Conical Motions

Vortex Ring  Hydrogen Atom 

YouTube link: The Extraordinary Nature of Water

Vortex Ring Oxygen  Atom

The Case Against the  Nuclear Atom

YouTube link: The absolute academic idiocy of the nuclear atom theory

Quantized Perception of  3D  Existence

YouTube link: Potentially the world’s first continuous source of water

3D Oscillating Vortex Rings –  Create Standing Waves

Marko Rodin’s, Free Energy, Vortex Implosion Coil – the complete playlist

Escher’s “Spiral” 1953

 Fractal   Vortices 

YouTube link: Tesla’s Free Energy Secrets

YouTube link: Tesla sabotaged by JP Morgan acted out by Orson Wells

Vortices create Symmetry  Order

Animated Vortex  Implosion

YouTube link: Free Energy is the only hope for humanity

                  Atomic  Vortices                Atomic Magnetic  Vortices

YouTube link: Over-unity, Permanent Magnetic Motor by Lutec

YouTube link: Perendev Permanent Magnetic, Free Energy Motor

Magnified Tungsten needle tip photo versus the Fractal Iteration  zn+1 = zn2 modulus  n

Twin  Opposing Vortices + Standing Waves = Fractal  Matrix

Walter Russell teaching Sacred Geometry

 The Vesica Piscis is the womb of Creation

Vesica Piscis: Light Lenses and Creation Mechanics

Vesica Piscis in 3 Dimensions and the Light Lenses of Creation 

YouTube link: The Light Lenses of Mirroring, Numerical Triads, Parity and Self Similarity

Nature’s Trinity Principle seen in Wave Optics: Pressure Zones in Wave-fields.

The 3d Vesica Piscii are Electric Light Lenses which give form to all Space Geometry

 The Cube and the Sphere are the Sole working Tools of Creation

Wave Optics and Space Geometry

The Basic Principle of Space Geometry: Cubes, Octahedrons and Spheres

The Cubic Wave-field: Spiraling Electrical Vortex Cones and Pyramids

Walter Russell – The Imploding Sphere in a Cube

YouTube link: Free Energy Magnetic Generator. No more Power grid

The Cubic Wave-field Model and  the Number 9 – Page 157 

Larson confirms the Wave-field model with dissenting academic language

YouTube link: Conical Motions in a Cubic Wave-field

YouTube link: Conical Motions between Wave-fields

Gyroscopic Planes Prolate and Oblate in  Cubic Wave-fields

Sympathetic Streams entering and exiting Cubic  Wave-fields

YouTube link: Vortices, Vortex Rings and so-called Particles

The Compression and Expansion Spheres in Cubic Wave-fields 

The rings of the inert gases are compressed into 3d spheres by the radar corner reflectors

Sympathetic Vortex streams between  Cobalt Atoms

Atomic Sphere Packing and  the Geometry of Matter


Vortex Crystals and Atomic  Structures

Atomic  Sphere Packing and Cubic Wavefields

Atomic Vortex Trails in Cloud  Chamber

Quarks and Lucky  Charms for Fruitcake Physicists

Vortex  Harp String  Vibration

Vortex Geometry

Mark Rodin’s Vortex Math and the Number  9 of Russell’s work

The Implosion  Physics of Phi

 The Eye of Horus: Spheres, Vesica Piscis, and the implosion of spiraling Phi

YouTube link: The Vesica Piscis is the Womb of Creation, The Eye of Horus

Fibonacci   Spiral Vortex

Sea Shell  Secrets: Phi, Vortices, Vesica Piscis and Spheroids

 “Before Mandelbrot” there was Escher 1939

“The Mandelbrot Set”

YouTube link: Fractal Geometry and Chaos

YouTube link: Arthur C. Clark on the Fractal Cosmology

YouTube link: The Mathematics of Nature and the Vedas

Spiral Periodical  Table 

Thinking outside of  Squareville

Guiding  Artists and Free Thinkers is Nature’s Perfect Design

Everything is spiraling in Nature according to the Twin Opposing E.M. Vortices which are it’s foundation.

YouTube link:  The Pineal Gland otherwise known as the Pine Cone Gland

The Pineal Gland is step down transformer which converts the extremely rapid electro-magnetic motions of our light bodies into frequencies which our physical brain can interpret in the form of mental images.

Fractal  Universe

Fractals and the  Self Similar Universe

Magnetic Vortices and Sacred  Geometry

Cymatics: Sound and Sacred Geometry

YouTube link: Alexander Lauterwasser

Twin opposing vortices visible at 3:35

YouTube link: Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

YouTube link: Lauterwasser, Water Sound Images

Sound Wave created Levitation at 3:17 to 4:08

YouTube link: The foundations of Sacred Geometry

DNA – Sacred Geometry and Self  Similarity

The Hunab Ku of The Maya and Earth’s crossing of our Galaxy’s Ecliptic on  12/21/2012

YouTube link: 2012 Earth Changes

YouTube link: The Serpent Creator gods, of all Mythologies

YouTube link: Maya, Inca, Aztec, and Egyptian Predictions for 12/21/2012

YouTube link: Possible Pole shift as we cross the magnetic ecliptic on the Hunab K’u


The Great Conjunction discovered by          the ancient Egyptians           marking the Dawn of The Age of Aquarius           at 6:48 A.M. (Giza Time), on the 21st          of December, 2012 YouTube link: The          precession of the Equinoxes and the Hunab K’u YouTube link: Ancient          Astronomers knew of the Great Conjunction on 2012

Kogi Shaman’s Temple in Colombia, S. A.

Vortices of Light from Walter Russell’s Cosmology and the Kogi Shaman’s Temple

Echoes of the Ancient Skies, pg. 239 and The Secret of Light, pg. 248-251

Solar Magnetic  Vortex

Energetic Changes taking place in our entire Solar System

“Global warming” has other mechanisms involved, which are never mentioned by al gore, why?

YouTube link: Free Energy Technology is the real “Inconvenient Truth”

YouTube link: The reasons al gore won’t talk about these more important factors

Electric Universe

Our Solar System’s  Vortex

Solar Vortex

The Path of the Solar Serpent’s Vortex- drawn in 1880, The Oahspe 1, Sun. 2, Mercury. 3, Earth. 4, Mars. 5, Artaea. 6, Vesta. 7, Ceres. 8, Jupiter. 9, Saturn. 10. Uranus.

The Solar, Tow Sang Vortex drawn in 1880, The Oahspe

YouTube link: Ed’s work tracing the Motions of Sun and Earth on his Sundial at 3:08

YouTube link: The Helical Coaxial Dynamic Model, animating our Spiraling Solar System

Note the spiraling Motions at 4:27 and compare the motions tracked by Ed Leedskalnin with his Rock Telescope and Rock Sundial. They are the same. Then compare the motions of the Solar Serpent “Kukulkan” by the Maya as it descends their rock pyramid Sun Dial called “El Castillo” at Chichen-Itza, Mexico during the Equinox

YouTube link: The Rock Sun Dial of the Maya and the end of an astronomical Era in 2012 

YouTube link: The Solar Serpent “descending at Equinox” on the rock Sun Dial, El Castillo

The Vortex Solar System by Dr. Keshava Bhat, M. Sc., Ph.D., of  Manipal, India

The following images relating to the Vortex Sun are all from the brilliant Book

Helical Helix: Solar System a Dynamic Process

Authored by

Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat of India (Copyright 2008)

His Book explains in great detail the images viewed in his youtube video regarding the true nature of

our Spiraling Solar System and the interrelationships of the heavenly bodies which compose it.

YouTube link: The Helical Helix of our Spiraling Solar System

Figure 11 page 25 

Figure 14 page 30

Figure 15 page 31

Helical Helix :Solar System a Dynamic Process


Figure 19b  page 35

Helical Helix :Solar System a Dynamic Process


Earth with Moon going round the terrestrial helical path

Figure 23  page 43

Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Planet earth with visible (night) non existent tail and invisible

(atmosphere) existent tail

Figure 25  page 45

Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Sun, Earth, Moon

Figure 29a  page 50

Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

The True Motions of Sun and Earth as photographed every ten days for a Yearly Cycle

Figure 36  page 57

Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Planet Earth with it’s Atmospheric Tail

Figure 42  page 63

Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Motion of celestial bodies

Figure 61b  page 94

Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

30° arc exposure, 330° night sky

Figure 52  page 82

Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Migration route for animals through the atmosphere

Figure 57  page 113

ElectricComet   Vortex Jets of  Hale  Bopp and Hyakute

Electric  Comets Point a Finger at the end of Academic Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy etc.., exposes the Electric Sun’s workings and melts the silly dirty snowball  theory

The Electrical Fragmentation of  Comets Confirms the EUM

The Electric Universe  Model

Electric Aurora Vortices of Comet  Halley?

Vortex Trail of a Leonid  Meteor

Electric  Stars

Quantum        quackery and the mental retards of academic fame 

The Optical “Magnetic” Lenses of  “Gravity Bars” (Bar Magnets)

as opposed to academic theories  hyping  gravitational  lensing  as “pulling” Light according to

Einstein’s “curved space”   fantasy, page 76

Gravity Bars  also known as Magnetic Bars

Escher’s “Gravity” 1952

Gravity Bars (magnets) are Polarized Opposites in Infinite Regress

academic Magnetic theory debunked

Gravity Bars (magnets) do not “attract” each other they void each other where they meet forming a new single Bar whose Poles are extended to the opposite extremes of their mutual meeting

The Gravity Cycle is the Universal Heartbeat

The Source of Square and Inverse  Ratios in the Universe (page 810) and all “Curving”, otherwise called lensing by academia!

Rotationally distributed Scalar Motions are distributed over all Spatial Directions

Academic Gravitational Lensing,  Warping Space? Or, is it the Magnetic “Optical”  Lensing of Electric Star Light along the Curved Electrical Pressure  Gradients (lenses) of a Galaxy’s Plasma Wave-field?

The  Death of “Academic” Gravitational Lensing


Mass Confusion in einstein’s special relativity 

Escher’s “Relativity” 1953

String Theory holds that every particle:

photon, electron, quark, proton, etc., is really a vibrating string. However, String Theory also holds that every string is in turn made of points. This is a circular argument.

Escher’s “Spirals” 1958 

The hair-brained idiocy of academia’s “beloved” string theory

PHI reveals the inner Spiral Vortex Mechanics which give form to our physical Universe

The Equant and Epicycle Myths of Ptolemy’s Time

The Twin Paradox Absurdity

Length Contraction, Mass Increase and Time dilation for dummies

Al’s absurd relativistic lies: time dilation, mass increase and length contraction 

Figure 6.1 Demonstration of a mass moving in an elliptical orbit in a quadratic potential well (vortex) changing as 1/r

Johannes Kepler discovered that  Circular and Elliptical Orbits Have the Same Period and Focus

Planetary Orbits are Spiral and  Elliptical, Page 57

The Clock face orbits seen in the “Factual” Academic Models of our Solar System

YouTube link: The same solar motions seen on Ed’s Sun Dial Clock at 4:30

YouTube link: Ed Leedskalnin says academic orbital models are false at 2:45

The Sensational Spiral, Screwing, Solar System Spermatozoa like Spectacle of our Sun

Compare this to the Clock face orbits seen in Academic Models of our Solar System

The “Tow Sang” of the Ancients (Solar Phalanx) 

Our Solar System cork screws in Spirals around our Galaxy

Our Solar System’s Spiraling procession around the Vortex of the Central Sun, Alcyone

The Pleiades and the Central Sun Alcyone

The Universal Symbol of Self-Similarity and 

the Mechanics of Creation

Twin Opposing Vortices 

Incandescent Light: Atoms, Stars and Galaxies  Dark Light: The Space around Atoms, Stars and Galaxies The Neutral Center, other wise called the “Still Magnetic Light”, Vortex Motion, Wave Expansion-Compression, Polar Opposites and a Tri-Polar Universe

Our Sun’s Cold  Electric Plasma 

Our Sun’s Electric  Vortices

Electric Vortices and Sun  Spots

Solar  Electro-Magnetic Vortices, 

Adios  Solar Nuclear Furnace

Stellar Electro-Magnetic Furnaces (pg.  730) 

Solar Electro-Magnetic Plasma  Loops seen as arking Prominences

More  Proof the Sun is not a Nuclear Furnace

The luminous Crown of the common astronomical egghead

the “1 million to 30 million degree” solar Corona

The corny Black Hole of academic fame

Birkeland Currents and inter-Galactic Magnetic Fields

The DNA Nebula: Fractals and  Birkeland Currents

                     The Big Bang was at the  Pinnacle of Egghead Science                          

Big Bang,  Proven Lame Since  it’s “Immaculate Inception” Finally Dies!

Galactic Vortex-Aerial  View 

Extreme Oblation and Degeneration  of Twin 

Opposing Stellar Vortices produces Polarized Vortex Jets 

The Prolating and Oblating conditions  of Stellar Electro-magnetic Vortices, Page 213

The Electro-Magnetic, Vortex Dynamics of a Super Nova 

The Electrical Vortices bore through both “aged and oblated”  poles, producing expansion Rings

Exploding the Myth  of the Imploding Supernova

Absolute Stellar Oblation witnessed as electrical vortices bore through both Poles to unwind a Star to it’s death via it’s equator, so that it may be “born again” as other Stars

Stellar  Jets are evidence of a Star’s  Twin Opposing Electrical Vortices

The Consequence of Age limits reached by Stars as they oblate in their wave-fields

The Crab Nebula, Type II Supernova remnant, From 1054 A.D., Vortex Jets (chaotic filaments),  Fractals and Atomic Vortices

The Death of the Synchrotron Process Misconception

Galactic, Electro-Magnetic Vortex  Jets – Birkeland Currents

Stellar Temperature Tables  according to Flawed Academic Astronomy

Luminosity and Temperature evaluations ignore the Electric Star Hypothesis

Black Hole Mirror Ball Theory: The new desperate attempts by

deranged, devious, dysfunctional and degenerate, academic black hole gropers

Magnetic Vortex in the Orion  Molecular Cloud

Scientific proof of Quasar-Black Hole theory: is Cartoon Proof!

The Dysfunctional Egghead, cartoon fantasy, Black Hole Galaxy

Photographic proof of a Real Galaxy in the Real Universe 

A huge Spherical White Center.  Exactly the opposite of the egghead, black hole myth

Galactic  Vortex Electro-Magnetic Profile 

The Collapsed  “Neutron Star” of Fantastic Academic Conjuring. By what means does a Star collapse professor egghead? Why, by none of course!

The Scalar Mechanics of Ultra high speed Stellar explosions (Supernova II) and the resulting Pulsars (High velocity White Dwarfs)  and their accompanying Nebulas 

Precession Of Quasar-Like Jets From Galactic Star 

Twin Opposing Electro-Magnetic Vortices witnessed once again

YouTube link: Quasars are ejected from their Mother Galaxies

(Note the immense fear of the craven academicians is revealed in this video)

Mars is full of life. This small section of the Ophir Chasm image is filled with architecture. Many areas have been intentionally smudge over, but there is an abundance of evidence left.

The  Electric Dust Devils of Mars

Electric Dust Devil Vortices on  Mars

Escher’s “Other World” 1947

Electric  Dust Storms of Mars

The Icy Pole at the North of Mars

Martian Polar Vortices

The way the Earth really looks from the Moon according to Kaguya in 2008? 

Are these more recycled nasa images? Contrast it with the phony Apollo 11 shot of Earth from the Moon. Being that the Earth is about four times larger than the Moon, shouldn’t it appear to be much larger than it is in the image above? About 4 times larger, not the same size as the Moon seen from Earth?

YouTube link: Absolute proof that nasa’s appollo 11 team faked it!

They faked their Earth shot from a high Earth orbit, and the armstrong Moon Walk,  “one small step for one huge fraud”, was used to win the “nukular arms race” against russia with psy-ops

YouTube link: The real reason we never “went back” to the Moon, we never went!

Electric  Vortex discharges Crater our Moon and Io

Evidence of Electric Discharge  Cratering on the Moon

 Electric Discharge Craters and Electrical Scarring on Mars too?

Martian Polar Vortices


Venus’s double Vortex over its South Pole: “mystery deepens for academicians”

Venus Express over the ‘double-eye’ Atmospheric Vortex at the Planet’s North pole

Jupiter’s Polar Vortex   “Surprises”  nasa

 Polar Vortex  Geometry


Jupiter’s Polar Vortices Seen in  Auroras

nasa “experts” believe so-called “X-ray” Aurora Vortices 

are created by sulphur and oxygen ions in Jupiter’s atmosphere

What a stretch! Their giving me stitches

Jupiter’s Northern Polar Vortex as  seen in this Aurora image

Jupiter’s  Polar Vortices

Jupiter’s South Polar Vortex 

A better cover job from j.p.l. with an opaque circle hiding it’s luminous Pole

Is Jupiter’s  hollow with an interior Sun? What is this brilliant light shining at the Pole?

Jupiter’s North Polar Vortex, without nasa’s black hexagon band aid

Jupiter’s twin opposing Electrical Vortices modeled Magnetically

Saturn’s  Polar Vortices Seen In Auroras

Saturn’s auroras  “defy” scientists’ expectations

Saturn’s Hot Vortices at it’s Poles

Saturn’s Electro-magnetic Aurora and Hexagonal Vortex

YouTube link: Electro-magnetic Vortices and Saturn’s Polar Hexagon

YouTube link: The Tetrahedron within a sphere and it’s resulting Hexagonal Vortex

A Gigantic Vortex centered on Saturn’s South Pole


Saturn’s two Polar Vortices

Academic Scientists remain baffled (???) by  Saturn’s Hexagonal Vortex at its North Pole

Hexagonal Patterns in Water  Vortices Packing together creating Wave-field Boundaries

Neptune, Anything  Look Familiar Here?

Polar Vortices on Neptune

Uranus Too?

 Solar and Planetary  Vortices explained by Walter Russell in 1927,  Page 175

Escher’s Armillary Sphere 1953

Earth’s Planetary Vortices  Animated

 Planetary  Vortices

The North Pole’s Vortex seen in the  Earth’s Plasmasphere

Earth’s  Polar Vortices Seen in Auroras

Polar Auroras are Electrical  Vortices

Our Atmosphere’s Solar-Electric  Phenomena

In-winding and Un-winding Water Vortices Created effortlessly by Trout

Earth’s Electric  Atmosphere

Electric Atmospheric  Aurora

 The Earth’s Auroras -Twin Opposing  EM Vortices

The Earth’s Electric  Fields

Electric Hurricane  Vortex

Electric  Waterspout Vortex

Electric Tornado  Vortex

River Vortices 

Vortex   Flow 


Our Vortex  Heart

Schauberger’s Wooden Water Pipe  Vortices

A  Nazi VRIL-7, with Military  Planes, circa 1945

Electro-Magnetic  Vortex Propulsion-Repulsion-Levitation

A Neg-entropic  Dipole

Homemade  Vortex 

The True “Water of  Life” 

Drink this “religiously” for  Optimum Health

“Thus the blowing of soap-bubbles gives the best clue to the movement of waves of light, and through them to the dimensions of molecules and atoms; and the collision of billiard-balls, knocked about at random, to the movements of those minute bodies, and the kinetic theory of gases. In the case of the vortex theory the idea is given by the rings of smoke which certain ‘adroit smokers’ amuse themselves by puffing into the air”. (Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, Universal Cosmology)

Robert Arnett Otey M.S.Sc., C. J.