Vortex Mechanics

    Twin opposing Vortices

Notice how the North and South Polar Electric Vortices meet head on. Anything which can not become its opposite mate as it passes through the Center, must be cast off at the equator, creating an East-West pole of magnetic expansion, otherwise known as the ecliptic. This is how the Torus found at the ecliptic is created in the image below showing the motions of a Super Nova.

Twin Opposing EM vortices Seen in Super nova Explosion

YouTube link: DB Larson Breaks down the mythematical frauds of einstein and his ilk

The psychotic inventive science of academic eggheads vs. the inductive science of historical genius

Vortex Rings

This is not the way Nature works, because both vortices meet head on in all spherical systems. However, this is the very model Walter Russell left us to study for free energy implosion systems, which is in agreement with the work of Viktor Schauberger. The next image is from “In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation” showing how we copy and modify Nature in order to create a Fulcrum of nearly unlimited power.

“This figure should alert us that it is an abstract model for all engines and all transportation devices as well as a model for all motion. It is in essence a lever, albeit a continuous lever, in motion”. Page 118 (Timothy Binder)

Walter Russell’s concept regarding implosion above was realized with Viktor Schauberger’s invention of the Free Energy Repulsin Turbine in the 1930’s. It was an Implosion Turbine, which inwound and unwound air or water to create Free Electrical Energy. It also produced bio-magnetism which gave it the levity to ascend away from the Earth.

 Centrifugal Vortices vs. Centripetal Vortices

YouTube link: Vortex Rings and Conical Motions

Animated Vortex Implosion

If you can mentally image the combination of the various motions seen in the preceding 5 images, you will be able to imagine an approximation of the true motions involved in the mechanics of twin opposing electro-magnetic vortices of rhythmic balanced interchange, which are the foundational motions of simulated Light, which give form  to our Curved and Divided Spiraling Universe of never ending Movement. The series of links to videos on Conical Motions is of great value in this process of learning as well.

Vortex Geometry

Mark Rodin’s Vortex Math and the Number 9 of Russell’s work

The Implosion Physics of Phi

Vortex Mechanics as revealed by Russell, Schauberger, Tesla, Larson and other visionaries will change the way mankind sees everything and instead of being outside and apart,  fighting against nature, we will return to her abundant bosom to learn from her wise ways and bring mankind back into harmony with her glorious presence of the eternal giving of love and eternal abundance.

Vortex Ring Formation

Marko Rodin’s, Free Energy, Vortex Implosion Coil – the complete playlist

YouTube link: The “underpinning geometry” is the invisible cubic wave-field at 5:00

YouTube link: Marko Rodin’s Vortex Math and the Number 9 of Walter Russell’s work

Our mental images are a direct reflection of our physical observations and experiences in the natural world. They are far more complex and accurate as simulations, than rigid and limited mathematics based on false assumptions and theories or, the most advanced computer code created by mankind.  The geometry of all things as viewed “naturally” by Man, reveals the foundational fractal patterns of our universe’s construction based on gyroscopic octave waves of enfolded and unfolded electro-magnetic light.  We can clearly see, that there is harmony and repetition, “reflected” from the smallest to the largest in geometrical relationships of the three-dimensional space we inhabit. 

Spiral Periodical Table 

Escher’s “Spiral” 1953

The “strange” harmonic relationships (Bode’s Law, for example) found throughout all of nature (musical scales and octaves, periodical table of elements, spectrums of colors) are no coincidence, they are the evidence of the foundational patterns extended from motions of light, upon which all motions of matter are born, evolve, mature, de-evolve, die and are reborn again to repeat their spiraling cycles eternally. If it defies common sense and the natural, non-euclidian, geometry which we can mentally image, it is false. 

The Prolating and Oblating conditions of Stellar Electro-magnetic Vortices, Page 213

Jupiter’s twin opposing Electrical Vortices modeled Magnetically

No two vortices are the same so the math describing  vortex  movement is extremely complex due to periodicity, chaos and the fractal type structures witnessed there. The vortex is the means by which states of motion are transferred from one condition to another. Twin opposing electrical vortices are therefore the means by which the infinite variety of motions and their resulting physical forms manifest themselves in our Universe. It required the genius of a man like Viktor Schauberger to mentally image these vortex motions from his natural observations relating to native Trout in the  fast moving, well protected and highly pristine alpine streams  of Austria.  He converted his mental images  into machines which mimic Nature’s endless cycles of generation and regeneration (bio-mimicry). Schauberger exploited the two way spiral piston of gravity, to control the positive and negative  rhythmic electrical interchange between twin opposing electric vortices of  either water or air, depending upon which medium was used to power his implosion turbines.

The Electro-Magnetic, Vortex Dynamics of a Super Nova 

The Electrical Vortices bore through both “aged and oblated”  poles, producing expansion Rings

Exploding the Myth of the Imploding Supernova

Absolute Stellar Oblation witnessed as electrical vortices bore through both Poles to unwind a Star to it’s death via it’s equator, so that it may be “born again” as other Stars

Extreme Oblation and Degeneration of Twin 

Opposing Stellar Vortices produces Polarized Vortex Jets 

Stellar Jets are evidence of a Star’s  Twin Opposing Electrical Vortices

The Consequence of Age limits reached by Stars as they oblate in their wave-fields

Galactic, Electro-Magnetic Vortex Jets – Birkeland Currents

The Vortex Solar System by Dr. Keshava Bhat, M. Sc., Ph.D., of  Manipal, India

Academic physics says, a Bee should not be able to fly,  because the math needed to explain the  complex vortices, is not included in the traditional academic mathematical description about the movements of the bee’s wings and the vortex forces generated by them. The bee flies using vortex flow, generated by it’s wings naturally, because it feels right. Just as swimming is natural to a Dolphin or a Trout. They don’t think about the mathematics involved they just do what feels natural to them and the vortices are produced which impel them, according to the natural design of their anatomy and the way they instinctively use it.  See the articles in “Nature”  and “New Scientist” (11 Oct 1997) p24-27. 

The fact that we animals on Earth live in air and water, which both move in vortices, means that our very anatomies are built from the foundational motions of air and water. Therefore, our bodies are designed to exploit this easiest flow path in the very construction of our organs and vessels. 

 Planetary Vortices

YouTube link: Bees exploit vortices for protection

YouTube link: Whales enjoy blowing Vortex Rings

YouTube link: Dolphins produce Vortex Rings for amusement

Earth’s Electro-Magnetic Planetary Vortices Animated

Earth’s Polar Vortices Seen in Auroras

Polar Auroras are Electrical Vortices

 Polar Vortex Geometry

Jupiter’s North Polar Vortex, with nasa’s black hexagon band aid

Jupiter’s North Polar Vortex, without nasa’s black hexagon band aid

Is Jupiter’s  hollow with an interior Sun? What is this brilliant light shining at the Pole?

Electric Vortex discharges Crater our Moon and Io

Since producing vortices for locomotion is not a natural anatomical function of the mammals we inhabit, it has not been obvious to mankind that this is the means of our salvation.  The powerful force of the vortex must be learned from those creatures who exploit it naturally, or from observations of nature’s vortices. The average Hurricane expends more energy in ten minutes than the entire nuclear arsenal of planet Earth. This ought to be a massive clue for humanity, that harnessing the vortex, is the solution to our many problems.

Vortices on the surface of Mars

Electric Hurricane Vortex

Complex sets of vortices roll off of the wings, fins, gills etc., because nature evolved them to exploit the naturally powerful motive force of the vortex. This is how a trout stays stationary in a fast moving stream without beating it’s tail. Vortices are made by the trout manipulating it’s gills with little effort. They squeeze the sides of the trout, holding it still in the onrushing water, as they exit the gills and roll around it’s body. This holds the trout stationary in a fast moving stream without the trout having to expend any serious energy to do so.

YouTube link: Trout teach Schauberger the Secrets of Free Energy Technology

Electric Waterspout Vortex


River Vortices

 Schauberger discovered this process in the pristine high mountain streams of Austria, because no logging had destroyed the land and it’s water. He had a rare opportunity to view this magic, because of the energetic purity of the water in this protected watershed and it’s temperature being a healthy 39 degrees Fahrenheit (the anomaly point of water). Places like the virgin forests where he studied have all but disappeared for most of humanity. Only by traveling to the most remote areas of our planet can one hope to see what Schauberger witnessed. However, most people would miss it anyway, because they would not even know what to look for in the first place.

Electric Atmospheric Aurora

YouTube link: Viktor Schauberger’s Flume 

YouTube link: The Extraordinary Nature of Water – Callum Coats

 From the so-called Subatomic to Super Galactic Clusters, the Vortex, is the natural movement of  Plasma and Matter. The solution to many of our problems will be found by understanding the true nature and power of vortex movement. It is not an explosion in the distant past which drives the Universe and gives it  power, but implosion. Mankind has been obsessed with the explosion side of reality because it is the easiest property to observe physically, hence the internal combustion engine, steam pressured electrical turbines, jet engines, helicopters, nuclear fission/fusion and nuclear bombs, solar panels, windmills, wave machines, hydro-electric dams. These all are concerned with only the “one way” destructive “pushing” side of events and reveals the half assed perception and “understanding” of the engineers who design them. 

The Earth’s Electric Fields

Earth’s Electric Atmosphere

YouTube link: Electric Weather on Earth and other Planets

YouTube link: The suppression of Free Energy Technologies by our leaders at 8:20

another video falsely censored by youtube

From the heart of the Atom to the core of each Galaxy, imploding vortices, radiate forth  and drive our Universe through endless cycles of growth and voidance, generation and regeneration. Twin opposing electrical vortices  are the heart of creation, they are the workers controlled by the “two way push/push pump” defined as gravity shaft controlled, spinning light rings on this site, by which all energy and matter manifest themselves in the infinite and eternally changing, Universe of electrically curved and divided, spiral, vortex wave motions.