Free Energy and Free Thinking – by Robert Otey

Copying Nature is the Key to Man’s Survival, Prosperity Abundance, Spirituality and Happiness


Nature’s Ubiquitous Vortices – 7 videos


Viktor Schauberger 31 videos

Metatron's cube

Sacred Geometry – 45 videos


Cymatics – 11 videos

phi pressure zones of cubes

Spiraling Phi 1.618 in cube pressure zones – 22 videos

Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat

Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat- 14 videos

The Solar System Vortex – 14 videos

Frank Chester

Frank Chester- Geometrician-Alchemist- 82 videos

WC Wright

WC Wright debunking academic gravity theories – 19 videos

DR Bibhas De

Dr. Bibhas De- “Physics in the Age of Fakery”, website


Nikola Tesla-4 vide0s

TH Moray

TH Moray-”Sea of Of Energy” in  Pdf.

Walter and Lao Russell 2

Walter and Lao Russell Swananoa, Virginia-12 videos

Walter Bowman Russell – 25 videos


Walter Russell’s Wave Cycle Drawing- 70 videos


DB Larson
Dewey B Larson- 7 videos



Dr .Pari Spolter  3 videos


einy on the beach

einstein’s Cosmogony debunked – 14 videos


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